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From Politico:

Ranking House Intelligence Democrat Adam Schiff said Wednesday that former FBI Director James Comey’s written statement on the Russia probe was “certainly evidence” of obstruction of justice on the part of President Donald Trump.

“It is certainly evidence of interference or obstruction,” Schiff said during an interview with the Washington Post’s David Ignatius, adding, “The question I think is where does this action fit in with other actions of the president.”

In a written statement submitted a day prior to his Thursday testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Capitol Hill, Comey said that the president had described the Russia investigation to him during an oval office meeting as a “’a cloud’ that was impairing his ability to act on behalf of the country.” Comey said Trump then asked what the FBI “could do to ‘lift the cloud.'”…

On one level, this could be a breaking story on the cover of Duh Magazine — OF COURSE this is evidence of obstruction by Trump. But it is newsworthy that the Ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee says this.

According to Chris Hayes, moments ago on MSNBC – Jeffrey Toobin, Benjamin Wittes and Lawrence Tribe all basically arrived at the same conclusion — Comey’s statement today is clear-cut proof of obstruction of justice by Trump.

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