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I love baseball.

Growing up in southern Missouri, long before I paid attention to politics and other adult pursuits, baseball occupied a lot of my consciousness and spare time, particularly after my beloved St. Louis Cardinals bested the detested Yankees in the 1964 World Series, when I was eight years old. Three players on that team became heroes of my youth, and, I think, helped to sculpt my negatives views of racism for a lifetime.

3,000 hits man Lou Brock and intimidating pitching ace Bob Gibson.
All Star outfield — Sweet Lou with game changer Curt Flood.

So it was with some distress that I read this morning that the MLB PAC had donated the maximum of $5,000 to racist Mississippi Senate Candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith on Friday, two weeks after video surfaced of her joking about sitting in the front row of a “public hanging.”

Popular Info

“Over the past week, seven major corporations have asked for Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) to refund their contributions. Earlier this month, Hyde-Smith told a crowd at a campaign event that she would be willing to attend a “public hanging.”

But one prominent American institution is going the other direction: Major League Baseball. According to an FEC report filed on November 24, the Office of the Commissioner of Major League Baseball PAC donated $5000, the legal maximum, to Hyde-Smith’s campaign. The contribution is dated November 23.

The Office of the Commissioner of Major League Baseball PAC was established in 2002. It was formed “as the sport endured a number of potentially crippling controversies, including the threat of a player’s strike and fan anger over the possible contraction of two teams.” The commissioner of Major League Baseball is Rob Manfred.”

I’m sure MLB will come out with a statement to the effect that these PAC contributions are routinely made to politicians, Democrat and Republican alike and only reflect Baseball’s desire to ingratiate themselves to whomever is in Congress.

But hey, they had two weeks to not make this horrendously bad decision, and screwed up anyway.

Join me in letting them hear about it:

Or, you can write or call the Commissioner of Baseball:

Commissioner of Baseball

245 Park Ave, New York, NY 10167

(212) 931-7800
Our national pastime has no business supporting racists.

If I see an online petition I will update.

Well, it looks like the Popular Info article had an effect:

But MLB still needs to donate to Mike Espy to make this right.

Written by durrati/DailyKos

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  1. Actually, I don’t understand why and how MLB is donating to ANY politician. I thought that it doesn’t pay taxes. Please correct me if I’m wrong. But if I’m right, why should taxpayers subsidize MLB, only to have it turn around and donate to politicians?! In fact, I don’t understand why *any* sports league should be exempt from paying taxes. I for one am not a sports fan, and have never in my life attended a professional ball game. If I’m paying taxes for something I don’t use, I’d much rather it be education or health services (I live abroad, so don’t make use of the latter, and don’t have kids, so did not make use of the former since I began paying taxes as an adult.)

    Furthermore, MLB can’t possibly be thinking about their fans, who are the ones creating this stockpile of money, so much that they are literally giving it away, by paying hefty amounts to see their games. After all, it cannot be that *all* baseball fans are Repugnicans, or support one candidate over another. Given the passions engendered by politics, don’t they fear that they will alienate a good portion of their paying customers?

    Really, what *were* they thinking?!


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