Twenty-Five Saudi Royals Spent Week at Trump’s Resort in Scotland Last Summer

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Things just got far more interesting, and dangerous, with respect to Trump’s relationship with Saudi Arabia. Reports are just coming out on MSNBC and some sprinkles around the net, that twenty-five members of the Saudi Royal family spent one week at Trump’s Turnberry resort in Scotland this past summer. They brought one-hundred pieces of luggage. 

This is, of course, outrageous, but fully expected when one has a president who believes there is no conflict of interest to concern oneself with when wealthy people who lead another country dump money into that president’s pocket.

Another disconcerting thing to consider, that of all the outrageously beautiful and luxurious resorts around the world for them to spend relaxing over the summer, that they just “happened” to pick this one.

Now, let’s all pay attention to two details regarding what we know. First, note that odd detail above, one-hundred pieces of luggage. Why is that important?

Well, here is a scary detail from a Trump quote just in the last two days, discussing why Saudi relations are so important. From Vox:

Trump continued with this line of thinking at a Monday press availability alongside Crown Prince Salman of Bahrain, claiming that the Saudis “spent $400 billion in our country over the last number of years,” giving them credit for “a million and a half jobs,” and then observing that “Saudi Arabia pays cash.”


When did an American president, or any real billionaire, care about whether a payment is made ‘in cash,” over other terms of payment? I understand fully that “in cash” could mean “by check payable today,” but it likely damn well means what it says, “in cash.”

Now how odd.

How odd that a president would make a statement like that regarding “how the Saudis pay” with respect to military expenditures.

Why on earth would it matter whether the Saudi government paid in cash up front, whether the terms of the deal were for payments over time, or payment in oil – as is often the case, oil for delivery – or payment by terms with regard to assisting in American aid, both normal and military, in other places?

I don’t think I am reaching here by stating that any reasonable person would at least conclude that there is a chance, a fairly good chance considering the man and country involved, that the Saudi royal family brought some cash in suitcases. It is not some far flung conspiracy theory at this point.

Now, the one-hundred pieces of luggage would not all be full of money, that would possibly add up to … I really don’t know. But, here is what I do know, if they were bringing money to eventually find its way directly to Trump, untraceable money, they would want it extremely difficult to find/see/question, and what better way to have five to ten suitcases full of cash hidden amongst one-hundred?

I can’t be the only one that is suspicious at this point, because why the hell else would it even be reported? It is part of the report on the MSNBC. Would one expect them to “normally” report on luggage brought?

No, something is going on here. Let us all keep an eye on this. How f’ing tragic that this is where we stand as a nation. There is fear and suspicion, among responsible people, that our “president” could well be paid off that blatantly, by a country he is now considering backing in a war.


Peace, y’all


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Bought and paid for by Saudi Arabia and Russia. This is scary. What the hell did tRump give them.

True Patriot
True Patriot

Our Democracy on a silver platter…