NEWS LIVE / YouTube Weekend Update Michael Che Rips Trump...

Michael Che continues his almost weekly schooling of Donald Trump. On this episode, he points out a very inconvenient reality that Trump knows nor will he appreciate.

Michael Che Schools Donald Trump again

Michael Che always wins the war on reinterpreting the ignorant utterances that emanate from our child president’s mouth humorously.

“Can I be honest,” Michael Che asked. “When some asked me, ‘Did you hear what Donald Trump called Haiti and Africa?’ I was like, ‘O boy. Did it start with an ‘N’? But then I heard what he said, and I was like, ‘That’s it?’ I’ve said that about countries for not having a CVS. Here is the thing. My job is to make jokes about the news. But Trump saying something racist isn’t exactly news anymore. It would be news if Trump said, ‘You know what we need more in this country? Haitians. And by the way, he is not the only one here who thinks like that. I’ve lived in this country my entire life. And I have been asked to go back to Africa, several times. And it’s never been because they thought I would enjoy it there.”

Che then went to schooling the president of Africa.

“But Donald,” Che said. “You do realize how rich these places are in resources, right? I mean they are in bad shape because they’ve been robbed and exploited for centuries by Western Powers. So the President of the United States calling Africa a sh$thole is like telling the kid you molested, ‘Boy did you grow up to be weird.'”

Michael Che is becoming the Jon Stewart of NBC. He has not let up on the president. Many times his prose is more in-depth than what we get over and over on the cable news channels.

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