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Yesterday, Senator Ben Sasse (R-Gutless) decided to castigate Trump instead of snuffle his rear end like other Republicans do.

During a virtual town hall with his Nebraska constituents, he laid into Trump for botching the federal government’s coronavirus response, playing snugglebunny to dictators and white supremacists, and offending voters. Sasse said if Republican Senators get hammered in the upcoming elections, it will be Trump’s fault. Trump has “deficient” values, mistreats women, spends federal tax dollars like the stereotypical drunken sailor on shore leave, ignores human rights, and treats the pandemic as a “P.R. crisis.”

You just now noticing this, Goofus?

It’s worth noting that Sasse is up for re-election this year, though he generally isn’t considered as vulnerable as half-a-dozen of his Senate GOP colleagues.

Here’s what he said, in part:

The debate is not going to be, ‘Ben Sasse, why were you so mean to Donald Trump?’ It’s going to be, ‘What the heck were any of us thinking, that selling a TV-obsessed, narcissistic individual to the American people was a good idea?’ …We are staring down the barrel of a blue tsunami. [I object to t]he way he kisses dictators’ butts. I mean, the way he ignores that the Uighurs are in literal concentration camps in Xinjiang right now. He hasn’t lifted a finger on behalf of the Hong-Kongers. … The United States now regularly sells out our allies under his leadership, the way he treats women, spends like a drunken sailor. [Trump] mocks evangelicals behind closed doors. His family has treated the presidency like a business opportunity. He’s flirted with white supremacists.

Sasse, who coddled Amy Coney Barrett during the recent Supreme Court justice hearings, says Democrats will engage in “Venezuela style” court packing to offset the impact of Barrett, Neil Gorsuch and Brett “Boof” Kavanaugh’s ascension to the Court. I don’t recall Sasse stending in the well of the Senate and raining hell and brimstone in response to Mitch McConnell’s refusal to allow President Obama to have his Court nominee, Merrick Garland, granted a hearing. Nor do I recall Sasse standing tall when McConnell and the GOP reversed itself from its position on Garland to rush Barrett onto the Court.

Here’s a link to the audio of the call via the Washington Examiner.

Unfortunately, Sasse has a long history of talking tough and then running to hide behind McConnell and Trump when it comes time to cast votes. He voted NO on both counts of the Trump impeachment. He routinely votes for everything McConnell and Trump desire. So, as pleased as I am with Sasse’s rhetoric, it would be a lot more meaningful if he would actually do something concrete to back up his tough words.

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