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In news that might otherwise have gone unnoticed for weeks, or possibly months, the White House has announced that Sarah Sanders is stepping down from her demanding role as White House  press secretary at the end of the month. This should give her more time for lying on Fox News without occasionally showing up to demean reporters, dodge substantive questions, and in general make people yearn for the kinder, gentler days of Sean Spicer—days in which White House press secretary seemed like at least a part -time job.

Between February and May, Sanders held exactly no press briefings. On average, over her “career,” Sanders gave about one briefing a month, the average time of which was less than 16 minutes. However, scarce as she was around the White House, Sanders made regular appearances on Fox News, where she could pass along the talking points with the assurance that she would have an enthusiastic audience and none of those pesky … questions.

A replacement has not yet been named. Although it does seem that Kellyanne Conway might be the appropriate Trump-level stick in the eye of propriety.

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