Sarah Kendzior Makes the Case for Impeachment.


Sarah Kendzior doesn’t mince words when it comes to TrumpCo and the danger facing our nation:

And, in an essay published on her Gaslit Nation website she and her partner Andrea Chalupa don’t mince words about the existential threat that not wielding the one weapon we have, through the hard work of many good folks in the resistance, been given — the power to bring this criminal pretender masquerading as POTUS to trial and exposing his many felonies to the American people:

“It is critical that the stakes are made clear. Refusal to impeach sends the message that the situation cannot possibly be that dire – it if were, the Democrats would move to impeach, right? This is the same disastrous miscalculation that gave us an unpunished cadre of criminals from Watergate, Iran-Contra, the War on Iraq, and the 2008 financial crisis – criminals who are working with the White House right now! This is not a comparative study; this is literally the same people committing crimes over and over without repercussions. We would not even been dealing with this crisis if officials had acted with conscience and conviction earlier, and brought these criminal elites to justice.

Let us be clear: we do not think that, if the House impeaches Trump, the GOP-dominated Senate will convict. We also do not think that if the Senate, by some miracle, impeaches Trump, that he will leave. Trump has made it clear he will not leave office even if the will of the people demands it in an election, and even if the will of Congress demands it in impeachment. Trump is an aspiring autocrat, and the GOP is seeking a one-party state.

So what is the point of the House impeaching Trump? An informed public is a powerful public, and hearings are the best way of informing the people on what the White House has done. Autocrats and wannabe autocrats live by their brands, and a symbolic vote of impeachment by the House, sending the world the message that the United States still stands for the rule of law, damages the Trump brand and leaves a mark on it that Ivanka must carry with her as she continues to represent us abroad. The House must begin impeachment proceedings to help restore America’s standing in the world and because it is their constitutional duty.

Impeachment sends a message about who we are as a country and what we will accept and abide. The rule of law demands action. Refusing to take action is normalizing atrocity. Lawlessness must be confronted regardless of the outcome, as a matter of principle and conscience. Fighting only the battles that you know you will win is a sure way of ensuring you lose; preemptive surrender, in a rapidly consolidating autocracy, is permanent surrender. The American people have suffered enough under Trump; they should not have to suffer due to Pelosi’s capitulation as well. We all deserve better than this.”

I know many of you will not agree with this post, but I feel obligated to put it up anyway.

I encourage you all to go to the link provided and read the full essay and listen to Sarah and Andrea’s latest podcast if you are able.

Sarah is not a politician, weighing political reverberations and counting on elections that may or may not materialize – that may or may not be free and fair.

She is a scholar specializing in Russia and the former Soviet Republics’ drift into autocracy and despotism.

And she speaks the truth:

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