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Sarah HuckabeeSanders may hold the title of Press Secretary but Minister ofPropaganda would be a much better title, all things consideed. Intalking points today with a Fox News host she declared that theTrump Russia FBI investigation was “closing up” and when queried asto where she got that information she then had to admit that shehadn’t spoken to anybody at the Department of Justice — but shejust supposed that it would be winding up because Donald Trump sowishes that it would do so. 

Of course there was the obligatory counter-Russian story, theClinton-Russian story about a uranium deal, which is, according toSanders, bigger than Watergate. 

Sanders: “There are a lot of causes for concern. And I’m gladsome folks in the media are talking about the real collusion withRussia, and that is with the Clinton campaign and with the DNC.President Donald Trump has confidence that they’re going to closethis up soon.”

Fox Host: “Soon? Whydo you say, ‘close it up soon’?”

Sanders: “I think weare seeing more and more evidence that shows — look, they’ve beenworking on this, investigating this well into a year. Every day wefind out more and more details about why the president has beenright all along. And why the Democrats have been wrong allalong.”

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