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Sarah Huckabee Sanders has spent the last couple of years lying to and stonewalling reporters in her capacity as Donald Trump’s mouthpiece. Now that she’s leaving the job, some of those very same reporters are throwing her a going-away party.

Politico’s Anita Kumar and DailyMail.com’s Francesca Chambers are throwing the party at what HuffPost describes as “an upscale D.C. restaurant.” Kumar gave HuffPost the usual explanation about civility and dialogue no matter how much someone lies to you.

“The challenges between the administration and the White House press corps are well documented and, in some cases, ongoing,” she said. “I generally believe that part of the remedy to those challenges is to engage in conversation rather than to avoid it.” Translation: I believe in cultivating my sources and that the lies are immaterial. As long as you’re talking—preferably over drinks in a nice restaurant—what does it matter that Sanders, among other lies, fabricated tales of FBI agents calling her to say they were glad Trump had fired James Comey?

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