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I just want to take a moment to stress the underlying importance of my recent article about the problem that Sarach Cluckabee Slanders apparent rebellion of being the Ms Fix-It for every nightmare the White House gets itself into can bring to both this White House, and even the Tangerine Twitter Tantrum himself.

Let’s face it, the male dominated Trump White House is not exactly working under deep camouflage here. It is obviously a racist, misogynist, arrogant operation of arrogant pricks who feel a strong sense of entitlement. Up until now, Sanders has had more fingers than a centipede has toes, and she’s needed them to plug every hole in the rupturing Trump dike.

But, if Sanders stops covering for everybody but the Orangutan in Chief, the Trump administration is toast. The whole problem is that they can’t actually send anybody other than Sanders out in front of the cameras without having to order Maalox by the tractor trailer full, especially not the kind of morons who create the kind of problems she has to whitewash over.

You can’t put John Kelly in polite company. He is an arrogant liar, and he doesn’t have the narcissistic self confidence to successfully double down on obvious lies. He digs the hole deeper every time he opens his mouth. Not only that, but his off the cuff responses only beg more scrutiny by the sheer transparency of his lies. He’s like Trump himself, just without the cult following.

Don McGahn brings his own problems. First of all, he’s such a quiet, backroom figure that there’s no telling how well he’d hold up to pressure from the press behind the podium. Also, as White House attorney, and a member of the bar, he is subject to legal and ethical restrictions that could put his career in jeopardy for purposely making false or misleading statements. And as an already interviewed witness in the Mueller investigation, he could place himself in jeopardy of misleading an investigation or possible perjury for statements to the FBI if he contradicts himself from the podium.

You can’t trot Stephen Miller out behind the podium like a prancing pony either. He proudly wears his racism on his suit jacket sleeve, and his condescending arrogance the last time he was behind the podium made everybody in the country want to grab pitchforks and light torches. Miller is a disgusting mutation of the human species, and letting him not only open his mouth, but answer press questions is a NASCAR pileup looking for an oil slick.

Likewise, KellyAnne Conway is out before she leaves the batters box. None of the mainstream media outlets will let her appear, due to her long and illustrious history as a shameless liar and mindless shill. Her reputation among people who have graduated daycare is baked in, and nothing she says from behind the podium will be believed.

Even the more affable and more inoffensive morons are of no use to Trump. Steve Mnuchin, both by his own actions, as well as those of his Ivanka wanna be wife, has proven himself to be an elitist prick. He has all of the folksy, down hoe appeal to the masses that the Shah of Iran did, and we all saw where that ended up. And Gary Cohn suffers from a natural flair for bullshit, while he can relay the Trump economic principle that 2+2=7, he can’t successfully relay the the three card monte calculation that makes it so.

Raj Shah? Not bloody likely. You can tell in 5 seconds, just by looking at him as well as hearing him speak, that Shah does not possess the innate cunning and lack of moral conscience to be a good Trump spokesshit. He looked ridiculous behind the podium the other day, mindlessly repeating the same written response to every question on a subject like a mob boss reciting the fifth amendment in response to every question at a congressional hearing.

And forget about the Dollar Tree Caligula himself. Trump’s specialty is disjointed ranting in front of a very select audience of racists and misfits. He is a disaster under controlled settings, and a nightmare when pressed spontaneously with questions. His recent condemnation of domestic abuse looked for all the world like a spoken version of a kid writing “I will not fart in class” 100 times on a blackboard.every scripted response comes across sounding like Daddy Warbucks being stopped by a mall cop between Tiffany’s and Victoria’s Secrets, and unscripted responses to questions do nothing more than add at least 48 hours to whatever the current crisis is.

So, let’s not mistake this current crisis possibly being generated by Sarah Huckabee Sanders for anything less than it is. Because, simply put, without a docile and compliant Sanders, there literally is no bullpen closer that won’t end up giving up a three run walkoff home run rather than getting the strikeout.


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  1. I think Raj Shah’s performance was magnificent. He couldn’t have illustrated the Oval Office issues better. By reading from the script like an automaton he showed how to get back at the illegal occupiers of the oval office by demonstrating how scared they are of the truth. There is no truth in a prepared statement.


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