Salon’s McFarland Criticized Doc Maddow About the Mueller Report. The Doc Asked too Many Questions.

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Over at Salon Melanie McFarland wrote a column accusing The Rachel Maddow Show of “trying to be Fox News for the Left”.

What was her “crime”?

Overall, then, Maddow’s successes prove she was doing everything right, business-wise . . . until the Mueller investigation concluded. In a four-page summary released by Attorney General William Barr, citing that the report found no evidence of collusion but came to no conclusions on obstruction of justice claims, Maddow’s angle suddenly looked foolish. But what can one do when one has pushed one’s chips to the center of the table, except insist on seeing the full hand?

On the Monday following the release of Barr’s memo, “The Rachel Maddow Show” opened with a laundry list of unanswered questions. Her monologues throughout that week continued to pound the drum on the fact that we hadn’t seen the entire report, and wonder what it could be hiding…And the drubbing from those who turned to Maddow initially was merciless and thorough…

Yeah, I guess because the Doc started to question whether Bill “Roy Cohn” Barr might have fudged the facts in his Non-Summery Summery she was in “deep delusion” (Rich Lowery) and she would turn into the “Judith Miller of Russiagate” (Matt Taibbi). 

It speaks volumes (IMHO) that in the face of this backlash Rachel stuck to her guns and (along with Chris and Lawrence) started to ask the hard questions instead of swallowing Barr’s Bravo Sierra like so much of the MSN.

And after almost two (2) weeks, four (4) separate explanations/statements and not one word (as of this date) of the Mueller Report released to Congress or the Public it is clear to anyone outside of the Fox Bubble that we the people (and the press) are getting played.

Potentially damaging information in Mueller report ushers in new political fight

April 4 at 7:46 PM

..grumbles from Mueller’s team have broken into public view. Some members of his office were particularly disappointed that Barr did not release summary information the special counsel team had prepared…Two officials familiar with the matter added that the summaries the Mueller team had prepared were intended to be ready for public consumption in a timely manner, because the redactions could have been done fairly quickly.

An apology from these stenographers to the Doctor for being a journalist (asking actual questions and checking the facts) would be nice I will not hold my breath waiting for one. Dr. Maddow may yet be proven wrong about “Russiagate” but the level of Barr’s resistance to releasing Mueller’s report makes me extremely skeptical this is so.

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If your main detractors are Rich Lowery (give me a fkn break), Matt Taibbi (the newest member of the Bothsiderism Posse and To Russia with Love) and Melanie McFarland (Never heard of her) then I would say Doc is sitting on easy street and I will go out on a limb and say Doc WILL have the last laugh, as usual.