Analysts at Hamilton 68, a website that tracks Russian influenced twitter accounts, have found that Russians are “test driving” new hashtag memes lashing out against the “deep state.”

Just this last weekend, the people at Hamilton monitored  #fisagate, #obamadeepstate, #wethepeopledemandjustice, #thememorevealsthecoup and even #obamaslegacyisobamagate. The Russians seek to match the success they had with #Releasethememo, which benefitted from massive Russian assistance. Link

“The activity around this hashtag was different in that it was much more concentrated, amplified and extended,” Morgan said. “I think it’s a good case study in what it looks like when somebody really turns on the machine and how vulnerable frankly Twitter still is to having its platform coopted by someone who wants to push a particular narrative.”

 The “Deepstate” has been a continuing theme within the Trump campaign and his Russian enablers for months, but the intensity increased in conjunction with the “release the memo” meme:
But between January 19 and 30, the campaign went to another level, Schafer said. He said 38 percent of the 113 most shared articles in the network focused on promoting a “deep state” narrative. For context, he said that Syria, one of the other most consistent topics in the network, was the subject of only 4 percent of the most-shared articles during that period.
The fact that the American people are not in an open fury over a foreign adversary’s attempted manipulation of our domestic politics is a disgrace. Embrace the horror, Republicans KNOW that the Russians are deeply involved in our politics. Republicans KNOW that Russians support Trump and have good reasons for doing so. Republicans just do not care. Republicans hate Democrats far more than Russians, and if Trump has to favor Russians in every circumstance, it’s vastly preferable to working alongside Democrats or agreeing to certain Democratic  positions.
Every president ever elected came to office with a difficult to move federal bureaucracy that posed some resistance to a president’s policy. However, only Trump (and his Russian masters) considered the “deep state” an “enemy” to be thwarted. After all, Trump is actively fighting for authoritarianism, fascism, a dictatorial power over Americans, not governance by law among Americans.
“The Deep State” Trump wars upon is nothing more than the collective career civil servants, good people, who serve their country without regard to politics, people who know law and policy applicable to their area of expertise. They carry out the work of the U.S. government in a regular and predictable manner. The “Deep State” is the antithesis of a dictatorship, the “deep state” are PEOPLE who comprise institutional government by law. They are people who know the law, people who know that action on policy has real world impact, people who feel bound to ethics laws, and rules against self-dealing, this is the “Deep State.”
The “Deep State” are those people who will be the “first responders” to any attempt to subsume government functions in a tyrannical or self-enriching manner. We have seen examples of such already, Director Comey, and new Director Wray, to name two from the FBI. The “Deep State” is an informal “check and balance” within the executive branch itself.
Of course the Russians and Trump want the Deep State destroyed. Trump already ignores congress. Trump wants to BE the United States government in the way Putin is the Russian government. And, too many Americans are fighting to grant him that very wish. They want Trump’s regime free from accountability. They call themselves patriots.
That this now seems normal doesn’t mean it is not stunning. Resist it. The “Deep State” is good American government, made up of good people. Pass it on.
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