Russians? It Will Be Barr Who Directly Interferes With 2020 Election


We have spent three years terrified that Trump’s government was doing nothing to prevent Russia from again manipulating our election in 2020. We face now a more direct and dangerous threat right here from home. It is not just some hacker here, no. It is the senior government law enforcement official, Bill Barr, who will personally engineer a maturing fascist age in the United States government.

I near lost my breath early this morning upon reading the title of the article predicting just such. Yes, yes, we have talked about what he’ll do, even worried about show trials. We have not heard many direct accusations from prominent officials predictions it as a certainty. Barr will find any number of ways to mark his stamp (and that’s a powerful stamp) on 2020.

Mark Hollomon is one of the most senior and respected political analysts of our age. He is everywhere now, from HBO to Morning Joe and last night, on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show. He is a friggin’ Republican hanging on “the liberal network” to possibly hide from the danger this current Republican crop represents. It was on O’Donnell’s show that Hollomon dropped the bomb. Details from Rawstory:

“The attorney general, from the moment he walked into this job, has behaved in a — as a ruthless, relentless political hack and a thug and who has behaved not as attorney general of the United States,”

Picture Roger Stone or Karl Rove but sitting as the most powerful law enforcement officer in the nation. It starts to soak in.

“He made a travesty of the Mueller report and continues to lie on Donald Trump’s behalf at every opportunity,”

Certainly so. Just imagine what a responsible A.G. would have said regarding the Mueller Report: “We have found many contacts between the campaign and Russians, very concerning contacts, but determined the evidence does not lead to a prosecutable case. However, we have found a repeated pattern of criminal activity directed by Trump himself that demonstrated an unheard of level of obstruction of justice. This criminal activity must be passed to congress for determination of the next course.”

That is a truthful statement that encompasses all that was found, and what we could expect from a concerned and neutral A.G. Let it settle.

Now the hammer:

“He promised us it could come to a crescendo of some kind this spring which is telegraphing — given the political intent and kind of political behavior we’ve seen from him — that we are going to see Bill Barr try to interfere in the American election come this spring when he’s going to bring out a piece of cooked — a cooked investigation to try to advance Donald Trump’s political interests,” 

Cooked investigations.

Vase crashes.

Think back to news reports from the distant past, maybe stuff you’ve read in history books. They would report on stuff in other countries, lawless terrible countries. Countries in Latin America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, we’d hear of a gestapo police organization, working at the behest of some fascist who ruled the nation with an iron fist. These police forces would run “investigations” into political rivals which invariably ended-up in mass arrests, prison, even death, for no greater crime than opposing the current leadership.

Or today. Putin killing journalists and jailing (or killing) prominent dissidents. North Korea’s Kim, controlling the entirety of his society to the extent no one dares complain about the lack of food for godsake. And Latin America juntas, again.

Is Barr going to initiate the arrest of two-hundred Democrats in Congress? No, of course not. He doesn’t need to.

It is actually way easier here in the United States. He can do far greater damage by appearing to be the straight-up guy doing the stuff that Fox conservatives believed needed for decades. But it won’t be any less damaging to the fate of the country, or its descent into greater, more entrenched fascism.

Just the announcement of an investigation into the Democratic nominee will be plenty. It need not even be an investigation of the candidate himself or herself. It could be an investigation into the campaign laundering illegal contributions. It could be an investigation or charges against the Democratic National Committee, for “illegally accepting contributions” from some foreign nation “against Trump.” Or it can just be against a family member of the candidate. We are already down that road, just farmed out to others.

Those are the most innocuous examples. It could conceivably be far worse. He could announce an investigation into “highly concerning election results (from a state the Democrat won) which require a “deep investigation into the specifics to determine the integrity of the election.” If a big enough state, in a close enough election, it could cause the Republican Trumpers to demand that the investigation be resolved before the Democrat is sworn-in. It could lead to the Republicans immediately declare that Trump likely won that state. It could lead to stealing the election in broad daylight. After all, they’re just trying to “sort out who really won,” and to the extent you bitch about it, you are the lawless one.

This is the second morning in a row where I might have left a sick feeling in stomachs, ruining one’s day early.

But not pointing out these fears, not preparing for actions that are all too predictable, just makes it all that much easier. Barr will work best if he can count upon near total surprise. Unlike our readers, most Americans aren’t interested in politics on a day to day basis. They may know that Barr’s crooked. They don’t know how crooked. They don’t know that it all means.

We can help those people and our nation by knowing and preparing. We can talk to others about what we’re seeing, and where it logically goes from here. Increasing awareness is Trump’s (and Barr’s) greatest fear. Dark forces work best in the dark. A shadow of darkness stands out prominently in noon sunlight.

So do not despair, not yet. Be emboldened. Be brave. This nation’s history owes its very existence and continued success to people brave enough to say no, no I will not let this nation go down this road, not without hearing from me. Sometimes we use the excuse that it is “rude” to talk politics at work, at church, you know. But we’re well past that point now. Rudeness is the least of our worries, and the only people you’ll offend are those likely looking forward to this type of takeover.

In the end, the people most against us already see us as the real “enemy” of the United States, the ones for which it is their duty to do whatever is necessary, even “cheat” in a way that protects their desires for the nation, which all center around withholding power from people like us. We need not worry about offending these folks, they’re well ahead of us in offensive activity and beliefs.

So instead of feeling sick with despair, let’s walk away, start the day, more emboldened, more committed, counting ourselves lucky to be aware of what we might be called to do. Because there are ways of fighting back against such fascist attempts. Seen Hong Kong lately? That’s the direction we need to head. Mass protests overwhelming normality more than the new imposed normal. Perhaps mass strikes, hit the heart of those who control decisions, the money. If Barr’s actions led to even one-third of the nation to commit to not spending an extra cent until resolved, driving the market into a spiral, it would have a Bill Barr gone before noon. Money always “trumps” politics – always – so threaten money.

Sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves is part and parcel of what they expect. We cannot give them anything so luxurious.

I will even try to help you out a bit by promising a few articles, sneak up and make you snort coffee, or roll eyes in a satisfied way. Or try to, at least. My car is doing its best Bill Barr impression and is warring with me for control of our fate. It went kamikaze on me, blowing itself up while jumping someone else’s stupid car. Selfish, fascist, un-American … We must fight fascism wherever found. Anyone wanting to fight Jason’s fascist battery need only donate $5 to the cause to Urs, it’s a small statement that … take care.


Peace, y’all

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Ewok is literally shopping and cherry picking for a conclusion that fits his corrupt narrative to try to preserve the tangerine turdmuffin. There has to be a way to stop this loose cannonball


Barr must be dealt with at all costs.

Surya-Patricia Lane Hood
Surya-Patricia Lane Hood

I would very much like to see Barr behind bars, permanently. He is a nasty sub-human being.


Who can stop him by pulling his legaal license. I have read brief articles that someone was working on that. Does he need a license to be AG?

Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

It’s a damn shame this country allows a POS like BARR to control the Justice Department. He should be disbarred and then tried. He’s completely obstructing Justice. Are we really that stupid to see that.