AFP news agency / YouTube Russian strongman appears as quot Superputin...
AFP news agency / YouTube

Russian artists embarrass themselves this week as they unveil fawning works portraying Russian President for life Vladimir Putin in various heroic poses in an exhibition at UMAM (Ultra Modern Art Museum) in Moscow this week.

The Moscow Times

“President Vladimir Putin’s larger than life persona was elevated to new heights Wednesday with the opening of an art exhibition glorifying the Russian leader’s “superhuman” qualities.

The ‘SUPERPUTIN’ exhibition, which opened on the same day that Putin announced his reelection bid, portrays the president as a Roman emperor, Santa Claus, a superhero fighting terrorists during a lunch break and an Olympic athlete shooting a “Putin blaster.”

The president is almost guaranteed to win a fourth term in office in next year’s presidential elections, which would extend his rule into 2024. He announced his bid on Wednesday in front of crowds of cheering workers at a car factory in the city of Nizhny Novgorod.”

In the top pic Vlad the Impuner as Roman Emperor presumably leading a Triumph through the streets of Muscovy on a battle clad Russian Ursa. Fifth Beatle Putin looks on in the background.

Another artist chose to flatter der leader by showing him off in what looks like a Russian flag themed leisure suit firing off his “PutinBlaster”.

Why agitprop is symbolized by a blue bullet I haven’t quite figured out…


Not to be out-done another dauber chose a Marvel Hero guise for his hero…. SuperPecs and SixPack included.

But boy, is Vlad gonna be mad when he learns the “SP” stands for Stalinesque Punk.


One artist maintained his integrity, however, depicting Putin as he really is, an ego-maniacal endlessly self-aggrandizing smirk-meister in a bad suit.


drumpf is gonna be so jealous… MoMA will undoubtedly be the target of angry demanding tweets soon.

And we’ll probably have the 1st Airborne and The Big Red One marching Pennsylvania Avenue ASAP.

In the meantime watch this young woman embarrass herself as well:

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