Screencapture, A Word of Truth / YouTube anti clinton rap...
Screencapture, A Word of Truth / YouTube

From The Daily Beast:

According to the YouTube page for “Williams and Kalvin,” the Clintons are “serial killers who are going to rape the whole nation.” Donald Trump can’t be racist because he’s a “businessman.” Hillary Clinton’s campaign was “fund[ed] by the Muslim.”

These are a sample of the videos put together by two black video bloggers calling themselves Williams and Kalvin Johnson, whose social media pages investigators say are part of the broad Russian campaign to influence American politics. Across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, they purported to offer “a word of truth” to African-American audiences.

“We, the black people, we stand in one unity. We stand in one to say that Hillary Clinton is not our candidate,” one of the men says in a November video that warned Clinton “is going to stand for the Muslim. We don’t stand for her.”

Williams and Kalvin’s content was pulled from Facebook in August after it was identified as a Russian government-backed propaganda account, The Daily Beast has confirmed with multiple sources familiar with the account and the reasons for its removal. Williams and Kalvin’s account was also suspended from Twitter in August. But the YouTube page for Williams and Kalvin remains live at press time.…

In their videos, Williams and Kalvin call Hillary an “old racist bitch”. They also say that Bill Clinton is a rapist and has a secret Black son. And they say President Obama’s legacy is one of police brutality and depriving Black children of education. They claim Black people “stand in one unity” against Hillary. 

The duo had 48,000 fans on Facebook. That might not sound like enough to sway an election, but the Russians also had fake Muslims posting stuff, and surely other fake ethnic Facebook groups, likely stirring every pot, as it were. And Hillary only lost the Electoral College by about 80,000 votes.

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