This is decidedly quirky. Rush Limbaugh, Medal of Freedom recipient and Trump fluffer extraordinaire, said on the air that a lot of people “wouldn’t mind if the Republicans lost those two seats,” referring to the January 5 Georgia runoff elections. So now Limbaugh is anti-GOP? Since when?

Here’s the three minute piece, if you want to listen to it.

And there’s more from right-wingnuttia. Here’s Drudge’s headline.

Maybe Mitch McConnell knows what’s going on in right-wingnuttia. Because something is afoot here, and it’s difficult to see what the end game is. The only thing certain to bet on is that Drudge and Limbaugh have one, whatever it might be. They’ve been in business a while and they intend to stay in business.

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  1. Limbaughs days are numbered i would be using my time to come to grips with my life and be with family not enraptured in the BS political crap…

  2. You got that right Moose. Drudge and Limbaugh are hoping to make Dems think “they got it in the bag” so they don’t come out in droves to vote. Never, never, ever trust these guys. GOTV GA Dems. The whole country needs you.

  3. These guys are in it for the money, as are Alex Jones and all the other RW talk show nuts. If the Dems get the Senate as well, they’ll be in business making mincemeat out of them for the next four years. If Moscow Mitch continues to hang on to the Senate, the talk shows will lose listeners — boring, arcane stuff in the WH as well as the legislature. After the ‘fun’ of bashing Obama, and then following every utterance of the marmalade clown, they’ve been riding high for 12 years. Now, they’re worried about keeping listeners/readers, and thus their bottom line.

  4. The medal of freedom don’t mean S H I T!! hanging around his neck. Neither do all the other ones tRUMP gave out… FOR NOTHING!! Golfer Tiger Woods got won for WHAT…winning a golf match? What the F U C K has he done for society, other then Cheat on his wife…just another trumpian A S S H O L E!!


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