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Rudy Giuliani hasn’t kept his gaslight under a bushel, but may get prosecuted, not for his quasi-espionage or actions supporting Trump’s re-election, but simply for defrauding the US Treasury.

Then there’s all that pro-Trump media manipulation.

In one exchange, the two sniped back and forth at each other with an exasperated Capehart telling the former mayor, “Answer the question.”

“I did not know he was a Russian agent,” Giuliani stated.

“How could you not know? You’re a former prosecutor, you have a national security firm. how could you not know that this person you were talking to was a known Russian agent who graduated from KGB schools?” Capehart asked.

“Jonathan, calm down,” Giuliani replied.

“Answer the question,” the MSNBC host pressed.

“Don’t yell at me, Jonathan,” the ex-mayor shot back. “That isn’t dignified. pretend to give fair coverage — pretend. I know you won’t cover the obstruction of justice by the 12 Mueller prosecutors who wiped their phones clean.”


“So in the interest of telling the truth, did Rudy Giuliani know for a fact that Andrii [Derkach] was a Russian agent and working on behalf of the Russian government in his dealings with him in getting information about Joe Biden?” Capehart asked.

“I mean, it’s impossible for him not to,” Parnas replied. “I mean, I — before we came on I Googled just for curiosity, a simple child can Google, and the first thing that comes up is actually a Washington Post article, the murder story involving they call him the Ukrainian Putin and this is  news media and you’re talking about from personal experience.”

“You remember, I’ve spent the last time with Rudy and Rudy mentioned that he delivered that report in March,” he continued. “Remember, I was part of helping him with that report at the time and helping the president get all that information and all that propaganda against Vice President Joe Biden, so I’m very well aware and he knows that I know that I’m not lying and he knows that I know the truth. And that’s why I think he’s a little bit nervous right now because of what he got himself into.”

“Let’s take a step back for a second,” Parnas continued. “He lied to you that he said he hasn’t spoken to President Trump about the meeting. As you recall there was plenty of reporting that Trump himself came out on to the lawn and said that Rudy called him from the plane before the plane landed to tell him he had great news.”

“So if that information like Rudy’s been talking about for the past two or three years saying that it’s a bombshell, where is it? What’s going on?” he continued. “It’s a fairy tale, it’s propaganda and like I said from day one, it was all meant for a new cycle to put doubt in Joe Biden because President Trump was always scared of Joe Biden.”


Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani painted a grim picture of NYC’s future — attacking everyone from his successor Bill de Blasio to participants in the Black Lives Matter movement — in a divisive and racially charged speech in Midtown Manhattan on Wednesday.

Harkening back to when he first ran for mayor in the late 1980s, Giuliani said, “Crime was way out of control … You couldn’t walk at night.”

“We’re going in that direction right now, if we’re not already there,” he added.

Cast as a speech on restoring safety to a city reeling from a surge in violent crime, the event was light on policy and heavy on personal attacks.

“It’s quite clear the worst mayor in the history of New York City is the present mayor,” said Giuliani, parroting recent remarks from President Trump, for whom he works as a personal attorney.

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  1. Ever since Rudy took up with trump he has gone off the deep end. Why if you listen to the three talk you can tell both Rudy and the president are deeply suspicious of sanity. Joe Biden even with a gaffe here and there makes coherent conversation. Trump and Rudy don’t.

  2. With his rep as a Mayor of NY he could have retired peacefully and spent his years helping people. Instead he let himself get sucked up into Trump’s circus. And turning out to be one of the most perverted little jesters making a fool of himself every time he opens his pie hole.


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