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This is getting positively whiplash producing. First Rudy Giuliani told the Wall Street Journal he didn’t advise that Donald Trump be interviewed. Then yesterday he told the Washington Post that he thought Trump should testify. He also dropped a philosophical pearl of wisdom, saying that truth is relative — I just love the Orwellian spin that Trump’s sycophants put on reality. In any event, Rudy has flip flopped once more, telling Huffington Post, “I would not like to talk to Mueller at all. I don’t see what you gain from that.” Here’s more of Rudy’s comments.

“He has a strong view that he should testify,” Giuliani said. “He believes he’s telling the truth:[interesting choice of words] He didn’t collude with the Russians and he didn’t obstruct justice.”

Giuliani conceded that Trump’s habit of saying false things on a near-daily basis could create a problem for him. But, he added, that could be avoided if Trump had enough time to prepare for a session with Mueller.“If we sat him down for an interview, we would be careful that it would be a solid explanation,” Giuliani said.

“They haven’t gotten anyone to flip on this,” Giuliani said, using courthouse slang for those accused of crimes to testify against associates in return for leniency. “They’re not going to do it on the bullshit that they have. Manafort’s not flipping. Cohen’s not flipping. And he has nothing to flip about.”

Rudy also made clear that any interview with Mueller would  be contingent on him receiving the “spygate” report, although ironically, he admitted that if he was still on the job as U.S. attorney, he wouldn’t provide it if asked to.

“Are we going to get a report on ‘spygate’?” Giuliani said, using the term Trump invented this week.

Giuliani allowed that, as U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, he never would have turned over all of his investigatory material to a potential target in that manner.

“But I wasn’t investigating the president,” he said, justifying the demand for the FBI informant details. “You cannot compel criminal process on the president.”

So once again, the Nixonian fable is put forward that Trump as president is above the law. Giuliani is doubtlessly hoping that this fable is soon accepted as fact; and it wouldn’t be the first time, by a long shot. The fable that Elliot Broidy impregnated Playmate Shera Bechard instead of Donald Trump being the responsible party was initially put forth in the Wall Street Journal and then it simply got accepted as fact, despite compelling evidence to the contrary that Broidy accepted a substantial bribe from Trump to get him off the hook.

We live in very treacherous times, where unprincipled people seek to warp and distort the truth so that they can manipulate the masses. Rudy Giuliani is one of the high priests of the cult of liars, whose sacred temple is Fox News, where Trump goes ritualistically several times a day. Guiliani’s contradictory comments to HuffPo and other outlets previously are inconsistent, to say the least, and that is alarming, again, to say the least.

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