Maybe Rudy Giuliani should consult an astrologer and find out which planets are crashing into each other right now because he had a very, very difficult week. It started out with him announcing that Kim Jong Un “begged on his hands and knees” to meet with Trump, which prompted a rebuke from Mike Pompeo, “Giuliani does not speak for this administration.” Well that smarted.

Then Rudy attempted to be helpful to Trump, once again, on the Stormy Daniels’ matter, saying that Melania “believed” her husband about not having an affair. Once again it blew up in his face, bringing an immediate retort from spox Stephanie Grisham, “I don’t believe that Mrs. Trump has ever discussed her thoughts on anything with Mr. Giuliani.” Double ouch.

Then, just when those two bruises were starting to heal, here comes the knock out punch. Rudy’s newest affair, with a married woman and yes, while he himself is still married, to wife number three, is in the papers. Daily Mail:

On Tuesday, Giuliani denied infidelity, insisting that he and Ryan, who he called a ‘very, very fine woman’, were ‘friends’. He added there was ‘no proof’ they had sex.

But in a fresh round of embarrassment for President Trump, who hired the former New York mayor to serve as his personal lawyer earlier this year, Giuliani’s estranged wife has branded him a cheating liar.

‘My husband’s denial of the affair with the married Mrs. Ryan is as false as his claim that we were separated when he took up with her,’ she said.

So Giuliani, a thrice married womanizer who is personal attorney to another thrice married womanizer, just had his veracity impugned by his wife and his colleagues, on three separate and unrelated issues. And things are not going to get any easier because the scrutiny of the White House fishbowl is only going to heighten the cachet of his personal woes, which would be stuck away in a single paragraph on page 12 if Rudy had stayed in semi-retirement.

Giuliani has become part of the story and as such he’s a distraction and a liability to Trump, and that’s even with not opening his mouth about affairs of state or making up conversations which never took place. It was opined weeks ago that Giuliani would go the way of so many others and be fired but the only reason he’s still around is because there’s no depth of talent on the Trump attorney bench and Trump is stuck with Rudy.

If that’s the case, then look for the bar which measures normalcy to descend even further than what we have seen as Giuliani goes through yet another acrimonious divorce in the public eye. If Rudy were to consult an astrologer, s/he would tell him, “The fault lies not in our stars but in ourselves.”


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  1. When this shitfight(spanky bonespurs as president) is over , I would love to see dems launch an investigation on dealings between trump the developer and Guiliani the mayor of new york


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