This is not surprising news, since Rudy Giuliani’s son, Andrew, tested positive for the coronavirus last month, prompting Strikeforce Rudy to quarantine in Virginia.

So does this mean that Jenna Ellis will take over the legal team? Maybe Mellissa Carone can come on board. Who cares if she’s not a lawyer, having the education and skills to do a job properly has never been an impediment to success in Trump world, why stop now?

Maybe the My Pillow guy and Ben Carson could drop by Rudy’s room with a basket full of fish tank cleaner and bleach samples. I hear the lemon Clorox really kicks it.

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  1. Well, hopefully it will keep him out of the courtroom. Yeah, there’s probably plenty of out of work lawyers that would literally shovel shit for a few bucks that could carry on. And the Boise is probably free, or Rudy wouldn’t of made it as long as he did.


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