Rudy bails from Individual-1’s legal team

CNN / YouTube Rudy Giuliani 39 I endorse Donald 1547735648.jpg...
CNN / YouTube

Rudy ends his pro bono work for his buddy.

Has the writing finally appeared on the wall for Rudy now that he may have actually gotten around to reading the Mueller report. Then again this may be a prelude to the MEK-supported dog-wagging over Iran. The Daily Beast reports that Democrats are closing in on his Ukraine hijinks.

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“Another one bites the dust”. Queen

Dick Panico
Dick Panico
(RUDE ) RUDY or as we refer to him “THE PENGUIN” ( Batman’s penguin)… He walks like a penguin, smiles like “Batman’s penguin”, walks in that ( hump / trump —back way) a penguin walks and ..sounds like a penguin….Carried Trump’s water for two years , and was never given a secretary position that he wanted so badly, ( but ever Trump was not that dumb ). ..Now bailing the sinking ship to save himself from DEATH BY TRUMP ) …But alas he’s been infected by the fatal Trump disease ( being thrown under the bus ) . So here… Read more »