Ruben Gallego knew Jared Kushner. Went to Harvard with Jared Kushner. And he’s no Jared Kushner.

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So Jared Kushner said many Black Americans don’t succeed because they don’t want to be successful. A kid from a poor section of Chicago — who knew Kusher at Harvard — had to respond. Ruben Gallego is an Iraq war veteran (USMC) who now represents Arizona’s 7th Congressional District. Gallego compared his efforts to get into Harvard with those of Kushner but was kind enough not to mention that Kushner’s father’s huge financial donations to Harvard were not only before Jared was accepted but also before Kushner’s dad went to federal prison for tax evasion, witness tampering, and illegal campaign contributions.

Anyway, Congressman Gallego (D-AZ) fired off THIS tweet stream today that you need to read.

Ruben Gallego

US House candidate, AZ-7
This how the 1% look at minorities.  I was a classmate of Kushner let me tell you what I did to get into Harvard compared to what he did. Yes a thread.
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My freshman year of HS. I realized that the only way college was gonna happen was that first I had to do well on my exams. So I started buying used prep exam books and copying exams from the library. The school librarian is a close friend to this day. (Thanks Mrs. Conley)

I was lucky enough to have a job that let me practice my tests in between flipping burgers. (Thank you Steve and Souzy’s) I used that money to pay for extracurriculars that would look good on a college resume. Even went to Greece on exchange.

Not knowing anyone that went to Harvard let along college, I looked up students in the student directory. I called anyone that had a Latino sounding name and left messages. A few returned my calls and helped guide me to get ready to apply for college. Thank you Gus!

Junior year I intensified my practice exams added more AP exams, became Student Council President, had my after school job as well as other extracurriculars.

Senior year! I am might be the only student to apply to Harvard using money orders but did it. Use a friends computer to apply (thank you Kobelt family) Figure our how to do estimated taxes, to do the FAFSA.

I start the interview process. First interview was on the North side of Chicago at 630pm.  My mom works to 5pM downtown she won’t make it back in time to drive. I leave school early take the bus to the CTA, take blue line out, take another bus than walk the last mile.

My interviewer hadn’t ever had an applicant take public transportation to see her. Was surprised when I told her I was taking it back home. She was kind enough to drop me off at the CTA stop.

Second interviewer wanted to meet in area with no access to public transportation. School gave me permission to meet him downtown in his office.

Accepted!! I also was lucky to have a supportive Mom and sisters that encouraged me the whole way. They did countless things to make it happen.  Thank you familia!

Now let me tell you what Jared did to get in to Harvard. His parents paid millions of dollars to get him there.  So I won’t take lectures about who wants to succeed more from a man who couldn’t do it without $$ from his parents.

Wow. The folks in AZ-7 are lucky to have this guy.

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5 Comments on "Ruben Gallego knew Jared Kushner. Went to Harvard with Jared Kushner. And he’s no Jared Kushner."

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There you go folks! The little Neanderthal made it thru Harvard…the credit goes to reuban! Well done, reuban

Ed Gentner
Ed Gentner

Reuben’s story is the embodiment of the great American success story, a combination of drive, ambition, and the desire to make a better life for himself, his family, and his nation.

Karen Laakaniemi
Karen Laakaniemi

In addition, he is an Iraq war vet (USMC)!! I can’t see any of the current administration a&&holes doing anything but trying to enrich themselves, instead of asking what they can do to uphold our country!!
Thank you, Sir!!

Sheila Whitley
Sheila Whitley

Another OUTRAGEOUS story of how some folks money buys almost anything they want. Aren’t we proud to have the leader of our Nation proving this time after time! It’s way past time for some brave, intelligent souls to step forth and hold this jerk accountable. He has embarrassed us long enough!

Chris Whitley

That’s what I’m talking about. This guy is a born leader. And he will do well in life. There re just some people that get it. It takes work to succeed. And then you have some snowflake that buys his way in. It’s not hard to tell the difference.