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I swear to God, you just cannot make this shit up. By now, even space aliens coming here to destroy planet earth, are aware of the tawdry allegations against Roy Moore. Hell, it probably confirms their original prejudice against our species. While all 9 of the allegations against Moore are terrible, the keystone accusation was that he secually molested a 14 year old girl that he originally “hit on” in the hallway outside of the court where a custody hearing involving her was about to be heard.

Considering the fact that an allegation of sexual assault against a minor is one of the most serious charges anyone, much less a politician can have leveled against them, one would think that the Moore campaign would be doing everything in their power to keep any thought of children as far from the public mind as far as possible. Well, maybe not so much;

you’re not mistaken. That’s a 12 year old girl interviewing Moore. And this ain’t some ancient video surfacing, the girl interviewed him on December 3rd. Who the hell is running the Moore campaign, Jared Fogle, the infamous Subway pedophi,e?!? Here you have a man accused of sexually abusing teenagers as young as 14, and you have him sitting about 18″ away from a 12 year old in a skirt?

I said it right at the top, you just can’t make this shit up. But it sure shows the arrogant self destructive bent that apparently permeates the Moore campaign. Tomorrow night can’t get here soon enough.

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