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Our democracy is not totally dead and we’re not gone yet. The democratic process works, as proven by the high voter turnout in Alabama, and the election of Democrat Doug Jones by a comfortable margin of 1.5 percent. Roy Moore attempted to twist the fact of high turnout into his warped theory on voter fraud, and he even went so far as to file a lawsuit asking that the powers that be in Alabama be enjoined from certifying Doug Jones. That didn’t work and Jones was officially certified at 2:00 p.m. EST today with the Governor, Attorney General, and Secretary of State signing off on the election results. Moore never has conceded the race, as of today, and all he contributed was embarrassment to himself, as both pundits, legal scholars and scores of lawyers poured over his moving papers and declared him a fool. Montgomery Advertiser:

Roy Moore’s attempt to delay the certification of Doug Jones as Alabama’s newest U.S. senator was stymied Thursday by a Montgomery County circuit judge.

Judge Johnny Hardwick denied Moore’s request for a temporary restraining order a half hour before Gov. Kay Ivey, Attorney General Steve Marshall and Secretary of State John Merrill were scheduled to certify Jones’ victory. The order came in response to a lawsuit filed late Wednesday night alleging the election results were marred by fraud and demanding a re-count or another special election. 

Hardwick wrote in his order that his court does not have the “jurisdiction” to pursue the matter. 

Merrill told The Associated Press on Wednesday evening that Moore’s complaint won’t stop the certification, and Hardwick’s order only solidified that.

Roy Moore’s frivolous lawsuit was summarily rejected by the court, and all that it really does is spout conspiracy theory and state that in an effort to prove that his accusers were lying, Moore had a polygraph examination. So what? It’s not like it’s new information that polygraph examinations are unreliable enough to be inadmissible in court. Moore was flailing badly with his specious, make weight lawsuit, and then he did the unforgivable: He threatened the Governor of Alabama if she signed the certification papers.

“Here’s the thing that Gov. Ivey needs to know: She’s up for reelection too and there are 650,000 people who are watching this very closely, what they do right now,” [Moore spokesperson] Porter said. “If they certify what has been proven by three independent experts that say this is fraudulent enough to overturn this entire election, they are going to be accountable at the voting booth.

Governor Ivey is indeed up for reelection but Roy Moore never will be again. He’s driven the last nail into his own coffin. His future is on right wingnut radio. Most probably even Fox News won’t hire him as a commentator and that’s saying a lot. Adios, amigo. It was lousy knowing you.

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