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In the by now tried and true tradition of Republicans faced with the need to shovel yet one more disgrace under the already bulging carpet, Roy Moore explains the travails that besiege him as a series of political tricks perpetrated by the Democrats. For example, Moore’s twitter following jumped from 28,000 to 41,000 a few days ago and that was explained thusly:

Moore knows the cue for a new conspiracy theory when he sees it. The Montgomery Advertiser:

The Moore campaign released a statement on Monday afternoon that suggested “Doug Jones and Democrat operatives are pulling a political stunt on Twitter and alerting their friends in the media.”

“It’s not surprising that they’d choose the favorite topic of MSNBC and the Fake News outlets – the Russia conspiracy,” the statement said. “Democrats can’t win this election on the issues and their desperation is on full display.”

The statement did not offer evidence tying the Jones campaign or Democratic Party workers to the Russian influx. A follow-up question regarding evidence was sent to the Moore campaign Monday. The Jones campaign Monday evening said Moore was “embarrassing the people of Alabama with another disgusting and pathetic lie.”

“Maybe Moore should check with Vladimir Putin, who shares his views on depriving people of their civil rights,” the statement said.

This is only one of Moore’s conspiracy theories. His 27 year old career criminal son, Caleb, was arrested for the ninth time last week on a charge of hunting without permission, which is an improvement from his eighth time arrested on a drug charge. This was portrayed by the Moore campaign as a “cheap political trick” done by Democratic opponent Doug Jones.

And don’t forget that last cheap political trick, on October 11 the Washington Post published all the details of how Roy Moore has gotten over $1Million from a “small Christian charity”  he founded, the Foundation for Moral Law. Previously, Moore had claimed that he didn’t take a regular salary from them because he “didn’t want to be a burden.”

With any luck, Moore won’t be a burden to anybody after last month. Right now, cheap political tricks not withstanding, Moore is tied neck and neck with Democrat Doug Jones. Resist the madness that Roy Moore represents. Let’s get Doug Jones elected to the Senate.

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