We all know the old shell game — where’s the pebble, grasshopper?

I’m seeing a lot of mis, dis, and mal-information about, of all things — routers.

We all understand how routers work — right?

No — we don’t. Most of us could not even identify a router, much less understand it.

The Republithugs are playing the shell game — the routers are immaterial. They are a distraction and a ruse — misdirection so as to commit fraud.

Active routers don’t capture much of anything. They build a routing table, have a configuration that can be examined, and log files that can also be examined. They route information — they don’t capture it.

All of this information can be obtained from anywhere in the world — I do it every day. I never actually touch my routers, switches and firewalls. There isn’t anything I can’t see — I can login from anywhere if I have a good internet connection, and I can login securely and examine anything I (or the FBI, or anyone else) wants to see, including active packets flowing (which are not stored).

Demanding the physical routers is pure bullshit — as soon as they unplug it, all they will have is what I described. You can see all this info while the machine is active — this is all bullshit.

If you don’t understand how routers actually work, you can’t usefully join this conversation. Please stop mucking up the works with incorrect info about, again, of all things, ultra complex router/firewall/switches that you know nothing of.

It’s not helping.

No — they can’t have the routers without causing a huge, expensive, hard to fix mess.

And — we won’t find out anything.

Saturday, Aug 28, 2021 · 6:36:51 PM +00:00 · Thinkster

I want to thank everyone for all the excellent and knowledgeable replies. I wrote this diary to express my concern about mal-information re: the routers — we can all see what I mean, read the comments.

Thanks again!

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