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The precarious position of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein may have been momentarily bolstered by the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Rosenstein flew to Florida Monday with Donald Trump, who appears to have been momentarily assuaged by installing his ultimate bulwark against the Russia probe to the high court.

When asked by reporters Monday if he planned to fire Rosenstein, Trump replied, “No, I don’t. No.”

Trump said he looked forward to traveling with Rosenstein, adding, “I actually have a good relationship other than there’s no collusion.”

Gee, can’t imagine what’s on Trump’s mind. The New York Times reported last month that Rosenstein once remarked about wearing a wire to record unhinged Trump during the early days of the administration. It’s never become exactly clear whether he was being literal or facetious, but the kerfuffle made many wonder whether Rosenstein’s days were┬ánumbered.

Presently, Rosenstein appears to have made it down to Florida without incident. We’ll see. Reince Priebus also thought he had a productive conversation with Trump aboard Air Force One as he descended the stairs to find he had been tweet-axed.

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