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If Special Counsel Robert Mueller were to be fired — here is the man that would be first in line to make that happen. As Republicans today, badgered him to do.

Unfortunately, for the party of group-think and character-assassination — this man told them:  No!

Trump’s Deputy Attorney General Says There Is No Good Cause to Fire Robert Mueller

Many conservatives want the special counsel removed.

by Inae Oh, Mother Jones — Dec. 13, 2017

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told lawmakers on Wednesday that he has not identified any reason to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, despite growing calls from supporters of President Donald Trump to do so. Rosenstein added that if Trump ordered him to fire Mueller, who is leading the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, he would refuse to comply unless there was “good cause” to justify Mueller’s removal.

“As I’ve explained previously, I would follow the regulation: If there was good cause, I would act,” Rosenstein told the House Judiciary Committee. “If there were no good cause, I would not.”

“And you’ve seen no good cause so far?” Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) asked.

Correct,” Rosenstein replied


Someone should remind Republicans on the Let’s-Fire Mueller band-wagon

That Robert Mueller is a Republican;

That Mueller was a Marine who was awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart;

That Mueller led the FBI during the aftermath of 9/11;

That Mueller was asked by GW Bush to get to the bottom of the Anthrax crisis;

That Bob Mueller won $11.2 billion in customer settlements in the VW emissions scandal;

That Mueller received the 2016 Thayer Award for public service from the United States Military Academy.

Someone should remind Republicans of all this, and much much more, that Republican Robert Mueller has done in his lifetime of “Public Service” …

MORE than the average GOP smear-Meisters will do in a several lifetimes, of covering and enabling incompetents —  like Donald-freaking-Trump.


Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein — needs no such “reminder”.


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“Case in point” update:

Appearing before the House Judiciary Committee, Rosenstein said, Mueller was an “ideal choice” for the position and pushed back on the suggestion that investigators on the Russia probe have acted with bias.

ABC News


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