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Roseanne Barr rebooted her show Tuesday, to a stunning 18 Million viewers, and earned herself a congratulatory phone call from Viewer in Chief and Barr hero, Donald Trump. On the show, once hyper feminist and friend to gays, Roseanne, is now a Trumpite, and in the words of journalist Michael Tomasky, “… an exemplar of a very specific type: She’s one of the millions who doesn’t care much for actual facts, but absolutely devours every narrative that blames liberals and the Democratic Party for every one of America’s ills.” She’s also a devotee of  “QAnon” a 4Chan user who “claims to be a high-ranking government official with inside knowledge of the White House where, he claims, Trump is planning mass arrests of top Democrats for allegedly being involved in a satanic child-sex-trafficking ring.” This is Alex Jones full bore nuttiness level. This makes pizzagate seem sane by comparison. Daily Beast:

The QAnon tweets weren’t Barr’s first dabbling in conspiracy. A prolific Twitter user, Barr had once retweeted an InfoWars report “on the ‘5.7 Million Illegals’ who they baselessly claim voted in the presidential election,” The Daily Beast’s Amy Zimmerman previously reported. Barr has also pushed conspiracy theories about murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, whom some truthers believe was killed in a Clinton-ordered hit.

Barr’s politics have also tended toward the fringes. In 2009, Barr (who is Jewish) posed for a photoshoot in the Jewish youth magazine Heeb, in which she dressed as Hitler eating singed, human-shaped “Jew cookies.” The magazine, which labeled Barr “the last celebrity utterly incapable of giving a fuck” later pulled the photo spread.

In 2012, she launched a presidential campaign as a Green Party candidate but lost to Jill Stein in the primary. Since then, Barr’s views have veered right with blatantly Islamophobic tweets. In an August 2016 Twitter rant, she claimed “jew hater hillary clinton’s handler huma weiner is a filthy nazi whore.”

Maybe Barr, like a lot of Hollywood denizens, is not to be confused with her on-camera self, even when she has gone out of her way to eliminate all distinctions between who she is in real life and in reel life. If she plans to keep putting herself out there on television like she has fearlessly done so on social media, look out, America has just been gifted with the female Donald Trump.

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