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Ronald Reagan, Jr. on was Hardball with Chris Mathews discussing this weekend’s revelation of indictments forthcoming in the FBI’s Trump Russia investigation. Not surprisingly, Reagan said how Trump falls wildly short of the standard of his father.

Mathews: “Mueller is getting this stuff as we’re getting it. This is a lot of stuff indicating obstruction of justice. All Nixon did was, although it cost him his office, say ‘we’re having the CIA handle this case, FBI get out of it.’ This is now four points of contact with the president saying, ‘set me loose, free me.’

Reagan: “I think we’d all make a mistake if we frame this in terms of a narrow issue of collusion between the Trump campaign, maybe even Trump himself and the Russians over the hacking…It’s interesting to note that the FBI investigation seems to be broadening in scope. They’re looking at financial crimes. These investigations tend to go where the facts lead…they’re looking at much more than collusion. The fact that Donald Trump is doing this, is behaving in such a wildly inappropriate, if not downright illegal way …something is there that he very much doesn’t want people to know about.”

Mathews: “How do you think we are as a country now with this president?”

Reagan: “I think that we’re in a state of crisis. The Russians tapping into our democratic systems is a problem but we’ve sorta got a handle on that. We know what happened there…the linked part of that crisis is Donald Trump himself. This is a dangerously, mentally and emotionally unstable individual here, who is wholly ignorant about how you perform as president of the United States….people are finally starting to come to grips with the fact that we have a dangerous individual in the Oval Office who is a national security threat and he needs to be removed from office. He’s unfit and he needs to be removed.”

Mathews: “Your father was a true conservative…It’s not progressives against a conservative president. I wish the Republicans would say ‘he’s our problem too.’”

Reagan: “When the history books are written there are going to be only two sides, there are going to be patriots and there are going to be partisans…Trump’s behavior is treasonable…taking Russia’s side over the United States. What was Trump doing meeting those people in the Oval Office and bragging about anything to them? The pictures were absurd. He looked like the new kid in school and sucking up to the cool kids.”

Ronald Reagan, Junior’s brother, Michael Reagan, was quoted during the campaign as saying, “My father would never have put up with this. Nancy would have voted for Hillary.”

More rumblings of dissent from the establishment GOP.

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