Romney Strategist Says Brad Parscale Is ‘A money launderer, not a campaign manager.’


The newest Lincoln Project ad shows how rich Brad Parscale has gotten since he began heading up the Trump campaign and being the chancellor of the exchequer of the campaign coffers. Parscale is not the only one getting rich off of the Trump campaign, either. Lara Trump and Kimberly Guilfoyle are each getting $15,000 a month from the Trump coffers, paid by Parscale’s private company, so as to dodge FEC regulations. That’s a tidy sum for hanging out with Donald Jr. and Eric and being eye candy for the base. Huffington Post:

I can pay them however I want to pay them,” Parscale told HuffPost on Friday, but then declined to comment any further.

Critics of the arrangement, including Republicans, said the setup was designed to get around Federal Election Commission rules that require campaigns, political parties and other committees to disclose their spending in detail.

“A lot of people close to Donald Trump are getting rich off of his campaign,” said Paul Ryan, a campaign finance legal expert at the watchdog group Common Cause. “They don’t want donors to know that they’re getting rich. Because, at the end of the day, it’s donor money.”

Stuart Stevens, a top aide to 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s campaign, was even more blunt: “That’s why Parscale has the job. He’s a money launderer, not a campaign manager.”

There’s no honor among thieves. When Trump sees the newest Lincoln Project ad, linked to above, and realizes how he’s being taken for a ride, it might get a few nasty phone calls started. And woe betide Parscale the next time he walks into the Oval Office with dismal internal polling.


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The only graduate from tRump university

chris whitley
chris whitley

Yeah I wonder if the old orange knows he’s buying these women. I also wonder how many are bellied up to the parscale Chinese laundry.