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Former Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone told InfoWars that there is a plot afoot spearheaded by none other than Mike Pence, in conjunction with Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to invoke the 25th Amendment as a means to remove Donald Trump from office. It’s pure Stonian conspiracy theory, tailored to Trump’s hardcore base.

“He’d [Robert Mueller] like to cook up all those conversations [Donald Jr. talking to a Russian lawyer] into an obstruction of justice charge. His fall back is to use his comrade Comey in an obstruction charge Many in the establishment, impatient to get this outsider out of office, are talking about a 25th Amendment play. That’s a situation in which the vice president and a majority of the cabinet declare the president non compos mentis…

“If you saw the attack on Trump talking about lowering the level of the White House to a kindergarten, if you saw the attack by Congresswoman Jackie Spier who was a consulting psychiatrist about the president’s mental state, you can see where this 25th amendment play is coming from. It’s real, it’s lethal and it’s going to go down.

Stone then explained how the “play” starts with the vice president and cabinet and then goes to a vote in the House, “controlled by Paul Ryan.”

“My sources tell me that the gameplan is to elevate Vice President Mike Pence to the presidency, whereupon he would turn around appoint Paul Ryan as vice President, subject to the confirmation of the US Senate. I imagine Mitch McConnell could handle that.

“This is the nefarious plot these men are engaged in,” Stone charged. “At this point, Donald Trump is a giant surrounded by lethal pygmies.”

Trump’s Travels have now taken him to the land of the Llethal Lilliputians.

Evidently, this is what the other side is listening to.

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