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Roger Stone has much bigger things to worry about these days than tweeting about prandial pleasures with Julian Assange. Stone is being sued by exiled Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui aka Miles Kwok, in Miami federal court to the tune of $100Million. Guo claims Stone slandered him on InfoWars when Stone accused Guo of funneling money to both Hillary Clinton and Steve Bannon for their respective presidential runs. Miami New Times:

“Stone has publicly stated that Plaintiff Guo has been ‘found guilty’ and ‘convicted’ of financial crimes in the United States — this is not true,” reads the suit, filed March 15. “Stone has publicly accused Plaintiff Guo of violating U.S. election law by making political donations to Hillary Clinton and financing a presidential run by Steven Bannon — this is not true. Mr. Stone should be held to account for these and other falsehoods about Mr. Guo.”

Stone responded by colorfully referring to the allegations as a crock of shit.

“This is essentially a political lawsuit and is a Kwok of Schiff,” he messaged New Times. “None of my reporting rises to the level of defamation. Mr. Kwok tweeted himself about his support for Steve Bannon’s projects, and now he’s suing me for reporting on it?… While I doubt this meritless suit will ever get to trial, my attorneys are very anxious to question Mr. Kwok about his relationship with both Chinese and American intelligence agencies.”

This might be one conspiracy theory that Stone should have left untouched. Guo looks to be every bit as kooky as Stone is, proselytizing his own brand of conspiracy theory on YouTube about corruption in China while he works out in his $82Million apartment overlooking Central Park.

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