Roger Stone Flips Out In Court, Jabbering About Rape and Begging For Mercy. Judge Issues Gag Order

CNN / YouTube Who is Roger Stone...
CNN / YouTube

This is not the Roger Stone we’ve come to know and loathe, although his characteristic over the top ditziness is still there. Here’s a partial transcript of what Stone told the court this morning at his Order To Show Cause hearing on why his bail should not be revoked, for his egregious attack against Judge Amy Berman Jackson, Monday, on Instagram.

“‘I’m hurtfully sorry for my own stupidity. I’m kicking myself, but not as much as my wife is kicking me. My consulting business has dried up. I’ve exhausted my savings. I am being treated for emotional distress. I let myself down, my family down, my attorneys down. It was a momentarily lapse of judgment. I heard political commentators people have been talking about the likelihood that I’ll be raped in prison. It’s been a stressful situation. I’m having a hard time putting food on the table and making rent.”

Roger Stone’s net worth has been estimated at between $5 to $7 million. It’s highly unlikely he’s stone cold broke. He just wants to sound pathetic so that Alex Jones can convince the rubes to send money for his defense. He did manage to achieve that in court this morning.

CBS News adds that Stone said, “I can only beseech you to give me a second chance. Forgive me the trespass.”

Alternet says Jackson issued a full gag order

And on Thursday, the judge in his case issued a gag order on Stone. She had previously issued only a limited gag order on him within the vicinity of the courthouse, while also restraining what his lawyers could say publicly. Now, he cannot say anything about the case, the investigation, or anyone involved in the proceedings. If he violates this order, she said, his bond could be revoked and he could be detained until his trial.

House arrest would have been nice too, but this is a good ruling.

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2 Comments on "Roger Stone Flips Out In Court, Jabbering About Rape and Begging For Mercy. Judge Issues Gag Order"

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Alfred Higgins
Alfred Higgins

WTF?????? After Stone’s dog-whistle call for assassination of Judge Jackson, house arrest would be the least he deserves. Of course, Stone knows the game, “Sincerity is everything, if you can fake that, you’ve got it made!”

Debra Serrano
Debra Serrano

Thank you for the laughs today. When I saw this article I laughed out loud. What a pansy ass. The judge should have thrown his ass in jail. I wonder when the RNC will send some money his way.