Robert Mueller is through fooling around. And not just with the “big fish” either.

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Medill DC, cropped / Flickr

In the Robert Mueller investigation, the chickens are finally coming home to roost, and let me tell you,these are some Cujo sized cluckers. If today’s action is anything to go by, you can start looking for a slew of indictments and charges against people you’ve never heard of, but they might change appreciably the kind of information you see coming out from outside sources regarding targets in the Mueller probe.

Politico is reporting that Robert Mueller filed charges today against one Ale Van Der Zwaan. Who or what is an Alex Van Der Zwaan might well you ask? Apparently he is a lawyer with a big mouth who likes to play fast and loose with the facts, and it’s time to pay the piper;

Mueller said Van Der Zwaan, who worked for a law firm that did work in Ukraine in 2012, made false statements about communications in 2016 with Gates and an unnamed person.

The report does not make any reference to the exact nature of the false statements Van Der Zwaan made, or the subject of the statements. But the report did state that Van Der Zwaan was expected to appear in federal court later today to plead guilty to the charge(s).

While this might seem like a little nothing story of no importance, put it in your hope chest, because it could turn out to be quite relevant in the very near future. If Mueller is starting to go after shills for knowingly making demonstrably false statements to impede or mislead the investigation, this is going to radically change the trajectory of the disinformation campaign currently running rampant regarding principals in the Mueller probe. Outside idjits appearing on FUX News to cover for administration miscreants could find themselves in peril if they intentionally try to mislead the public with their glib statements.

Pop quiz!  Q: Who is the largest purveyor or false and misleading information regarding Trump-Russia in the whole wide world?  A: Why, our own dear Josef Goebbels in a skirt, Sarah Huckabee Sanders herself! If Mueller can prove that she is willfully and purposely attempting to mislead the public, and by extension the investigation with her brazen lies, she could conceivably find an FBI agent darkening her door, inviting her to appear in federal court to answer charges. And if Mueller can prove that Mike Pence was knowing lying when he “Aw-gosh-golly-gee-shucks” lies his ass off about pretty much everything but the ambient temperature on Mars, he could end up residing in Club Fed until his actuarial clock expires.

So, just kind of keep this little story in the back corner of your mind when you evaluate the news coverage going forward. Because, if you see a sudden lack of people coming forward on TV to glibly explain away the actions of targets of the Mueller probe with no facts to back them up, you’ll know why. “Sometimes the truth hurts” is how the old saying goes, and seldom more than when Mr Robert Mueller comes knocking at your door.

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