DeNiro issued an apology, but not for the expletive he launched at Trump on Sunday night’s Tony awards show.  It was an apology to Canada.

Robert DeNiro was in Toronto, Canada on Monday and took the opportunity to tell Canadians exactly how he felt and apologized to Canadians for the “idiotic behavior of my president”.

He went on to say that Trump’s remarks about Canada were a “disgrace” and apologized to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as well as the others who attended the Group of Seven summit of leaders in Canada.

This audience of one just stood up and cheered!

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  1. He only said what many are thinking or saying to friends, etc. Because he is a celebrity I guess he is expected to act a certain way.

    Whereas we can have a president that puts Americans down, and leaves messes wherever he goes.

  2. thanks Mr. DENiro for putting this low life guy where he belongs. You are a real man. GOD BLESS you always, we need more people like you in this Country. I am sure that he wont be at the White much longer. WE need a Democrat to take over and undo all the mess that this guy has done. I was a Republican all my life, but no any more since this jerk took over

  3. He’s thinks we have forgotten about his 1998 court records he was a client of an international prostitution ring that trick children into performing sexual acts for the Hollywood Elite. Really….people in glass houses….

    • Nice spin on making excuses for the most unethical,no integrity,no Morales ,name calling,false rhetoric,majorly uninformed,thief and unprofessional President EVER….. Making excuses for this Moron is going to be a on going event!!! What a P.O.S,embarrassment to our country….. ‘AND THE HIT KEEP ON COMING”!!!

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