Rob Reiner rounds it all up with one fierce tweet starting with: ‘Cut the bullsh*t’

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Actor, director, writer producer and activist Rob Reiner is pretty awesome and a bit of a mad dog on Twitter. Here is his morning tweet on Monday, which pretty much encompasses the need to know situation of the day.

Cut the bullshit. MBS ordered the murder of an American resident. Trump is aiding & abetting that murder. And Kushner gave classified intel to MBS in exchange for bailing out 666. And btw,Trump wants to cut health care,Medicare&Soc.Sec. to pay for tax cuts for the rich. So..VOTE!

He leaves one wanting more so, okay, here’s another veracious tweet from Sunday.

One more for the road. He just tweeted this one Monday evening.

To read more tweets from Reiner, follow him on Twitter here.

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