This is fighting fire with fire, and it’s a brilliant notion. The activist’s activist, Rob Reiner, says that zero people have read the Mueller report, including the *resident of the United States, and that if they would do so, they would see that it’s “loaded with criminality.” So Reiner put together a short video with Robert DeNiro and a number of federal prosecutors and that’s below. Reiner also explains he plans to do more.

5:69, worth every moment of your time.

This is great. We’ve got the first television president, so let’s now bring the truth to television and watch him melt, like the Wicked Witch. Truth is the one potion that Donald Trump has no tolerance for and no defense against, and brought to him via his only link to reality, television, this should be wild. I can’t wait. Kudos, Rob Reiner.

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  1. Kudo to Rob Reiner and Robert DeNiro. True American heroes. It’s time for people to wake up and understand you fight a bully with things he understands. And Donald deserves it all. He has destroyed so many lives and hurt so many innocent people. It’s to be made accountable.

  2. Absolutely perfect! Maybe we should make him turn in his and his families passports, since he may want to escape to Russia. When the people see just how crooked this traitor is and he won’t be able to stop it.


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