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Once again, Donald Trump embarrassed himself and the country on Thursday in a New York Times interview. The general feedback has been varied, but given that the majority of Americans did not vote for Trump, it’s leans way negative. One of the best reactions was tweeted out by filmmaker, actor, producer, husband, and father Rob Reiner. 

Rob Reiner @robreiner

“Just read NTY interview with DT. We have a sic ignoramus running this country. the fact that intelligent citizens have to live with this moronic pathologically lying behavior is completely unacceptable. We must do all we can do to protect Democracy and rid the US of this fool.”

December 28, 2017


There are other great reactions, but Reiner’s tweet is worth relishing all by itself. I’d say it pretty much captures the opinion of millions who want nothing more than to see Trump out of office. Cheers to Rob Reiner.

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