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It’s no secret that Rob Lowe, once a Democrat, is now a right-winger. He was even named one of the 50 Most Influential Conservatives in Hollywood by Newsmax.

But he was never an obnoxious ass like James Woods.

Which makes the racist joke he told a bit puzzling.  It could be that he realized his folly since the post has now been deleted:

Elizabeth Warren would bring a whole new meaning to Commander in Chief.

Rob Lowe (@RobLowe) February 9, 2019

The reaction from Twitter was swift.

That was just the first reference to Lowe’s infamous sex tape with an underage girl.

Um, no he isn’t.

Oh, but there was at least one supporting tweet from a fellow traveler:

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    • And remember Herr Scheit’s constant weird nasal sniffs, or whatever the hell they were, during the 2016 campaign when he exhibited so much “stamina”? Me thinks the fellow travelers both have their straws, razorblades and mirrors at the ready!


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