Boss Tweed / Flickr donad and melania trump...
Boss Tweed / Flickr

With Donald and Melania it’s good news and bad news. The good news (for Trump) is that Melania is going anywhere with him at all, the bad news is that even when she walks with him she radiates distance.

Typical human married couple Donald and Melania Trump looked extremely comfortable displaying affection for each other on Monday while leaving the White House en route to romantic Ohio. Notice how, in the picture above, the male Trump’s outstretched hand is fully extended to touch the female Trump’s back in a way that says, I often touch my wife’s back and also this is regular behavior for us?

And below, see how the couple appears to clumsily fall into each other as they walk side by side — just like any pair at ease with and used to being in each other’s general proximity.

Fast forward the full video to 1:10 and you’ll see.

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