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Look, whether we like it or not, or believe it or not, the RNC and the GOP in general have come up with a queasy way of rationalizing Trump to the base. That’s mainly because the Republican “base” now consists mostly of people who think that His Lowness’ shit don’t stink, like Elvis, pretty much everybody else has already left the building. So, they tend to “let Trump be Trump,” and then smile sheepishly, shrug their shoulders, and say “Waddaya gonna do? He’s so cute, isn’t he?”

It is well established that an administration takes a clip across the chops in the first midterms. That is looking to be especially true this year, due to things like an exceptionally high number if incumbent retirements as the rats desert the sinking ship, as well as the fact that while Trump puts everybody else in the country into a feeding frenzy to vote against him, special elections are showing that Trump supporters aren’t as motivated when his name isn’t on the ballot. In this climate, the RNC is going to need a Titanic boatload of money to compete.

And that’s where the problem lies. Everybody knows that if you want a player to come to your university, you let the Coach sell the kid on the idea. If you want to sell a manure spreader to a farmer, you hire a farmer to pitch him. And if you want to collect big bucks for your national campaign war chest, you let a rich guy schmooze other rich guys for a bundle.

This is where the RNC may have a major problem, and it’s indirectly Trump’s fault. Think of Trump as a reverse Midas, everything he touches turns to shit. The Koch brothers are already sitting on the Trump sidelines, and have been. They’re only supporting select races directly, not making chunk donations to the RNC as far as I can tell. The RNC normally has a pretty deep bench of “finance co-chairs” to work the phones, and grease the skids for mega buck donations, but suddenly that’s a real problem for them, thanks indirectly to Trump.

Let’s take a quick look at a couple of the most recent RNC finance co-chairs, and see how they’ve fared. First we’ll take a quick glance at Steve Wynn. Wynn was an early fight-to-the-death rival of Trump, who became one of his staunchest supporters. Wynn was supposed to be a natural fit for attracting other rich shitpokes to put their money where the GOP’s mouth was. But his close association with Trump brought out the #meetoo movement in full force, and Wynn was not only forced to step down as deputy finance chair from the RNC, he was forced out of his own goddamn company! So much for Steve-O.

And now let’s look at the latest RNC cash slug, one Elliott Broidy. Broidy has always been rather a shady character, but managed to pretty much fly beneath the radar. But a month or so, Broidy set up a big bucks fundraiser for Trump when he was in California, and when his past hit the fan, Trump had to bow out of even appearing at the fundraiser. But now, Michael Cohen has put a horses head in Elliott Broidy’s bed, the media reported that Broidy used Cohen to facilitate a $1.6M settlement with a former mistress who bore his child. Adios muchacho to Elliott Broidy as RNC Deputy Finance Chair.

Ask yourself this question. If you were a mega rich person, and you had an actual moral center, and a sense of shame, would you be a big donor to the GOP in the first place? Of course not. Which means that the really rich shitpokes the RNC can choose from tend to have high visibility profiles. And visibility can kill a rich person, just ask Jared Fogle about that one. If you’re a billionaire, with a high enough profile for other billionaires to have heard of, and you have the inevitable skeleton in your closet, what are you going to say when Ronna Romney McDaniel comes knocking at your door, asking you to shill for the NRC? Knowing that the media is poised and ready to pick your carcass clean. That’s why you can forget about Sheldon Adelson, he’s still neck deep in scandal and legal troubles over his Macao casino, the last thing he needs is media attention.

So, that’s the real hidden Trump problem for the RNC. Trump attracts so much negative attention to everything he touches that not only is the RNC going to have a real problem trying to find deputy finance directors willing to brave the shitstorm to fund raise, but even mega donors may fear that too large of a donation may attract the attention of the media, potentially putting them in the cross hairs. In elevating his own filthy habits to the top of Olympus, Trump is having the unintended effect of elevating the misdeeds of everybody around him to the same lofty plateau. Just ask Scott Pruitt and Ben Carson about that.

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