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Apparently a bunch of conservatives lost their minds in regards to Gov. Gavin Newsom offering undocumented workers stimulus checks so they decided to rage on Twitter. Unfortunately for them the party didn’t last long. The trend was hijacked by people with actual facts and knowledge which is the kryptonite of any Trump lover:

As a resident of CA I thank Mr. Newsom everyday. His levelheaded and realistic approach to the coronavirus pandemic is the polar opposite of Trump’s who can’t go very long without embarrassing himself, bigly. If Gov. Newsom was in charge of the nation during this troubling time we would surely be in a better place right now.

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  1. I moved back to California two years ago after living in Michigan for a couple of years. Best decision I ever made. Especially after the show they put on in Lansing yesterday. I agree, thank God for Newsom and can’t wait to vote for him for president. True Leadership!


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