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Before 2016, when a syphilitic circus peanut was the GOP’s nominee for president, The Dallas Morning News hadn’t endorsed a Democratic presidential candidate since 1940.

So you’d think it would be back on the GOP bandwagon for the midterms — that is, unless Texas’ GOP candidate for Senate was as charismatic as hyena smegma and as trustworthy as Trump.

Anyway, for some reason, even many rock-ribbed conservatives no longer want to crawl into the windowless white van that is the Ted Cruz for Senate campaign, and they’re letting their fellow travelers know about it.

From the paper’s op-ed section:

We have been at divisive political moments before, and we know those often end when leaders emerge who find ways to get along personally even when they are engaged in grand, tectonic political debates. That is one of the underappreciated stories of the 1980s, when President Ronald Reagan and House Speaker Tip O’Neill worked together.  Even when they fought it out on tough issues, they fostered an enduring friendship.

For this reason more than any other, we favor U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke for U.S. Senate.  The pivotal issue before our country is public leadership, and here we believe O’Rourke’s tone aligns with what is required now. This inclusive and hopeful tone, along with O’Rourke’s approach of starting with shared principles and working toward solutions, offset any policy differences we have with him. Leadership is more than policy, and whether we are addressing the very real challenges before us now turns on our ability to find points of agreement.

In this respect, O’Rourke is the stronger candidate.

Preach it, DMN.

If you want to read the rest (and I know you do) click the link above.

Go Beto! Go Blue!




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