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“When you look at what’s gone on with the FBI and this Justice Department — people are very, very angry… the level of anger with this FBI is certainly very sad.”   

So sayeth the Prince of Darkness. And if by “people” he means right wing bubbleheads like Sean Hannity, Jeanine Pirro, Laura Ingraham, and El Rushbo, then he’s dead right. But if he’s talking about the other 99.9998% of the US population who don’t have their collective heads up their asses, then not so much/ There’s more of you than there are of me, so you tell me, how many of you in the office, or on the bus, or in a store have overheard anybody say “Man, this FBI we have really sucks!” Yeah, me neither.

Look, by itself this is nothing new. We all know only too well by now that Trump lives in a fantasy world that he creates, and believes almost religiously in that fantasy world. But, what is dangerous is when Trump tries to use his power as President to force the real world to conform to his preferable fantasy world. And that’s exactly what I fear is going to happen here.

Just look at recent history. Trump honestly believes that Vlad the Imp is his bestest bud forevah, hell, didn’t he set him up with five hookers a few years ago in Moscow? He’d rather talk to Putin than Rex Tillerson about foreign affairs. So, what does he do? He tries desperately to bend US foreign policy with a distinctly Russian bent. And God knows His Lowness thinks that this whole Trump-Russia thing is a total crock, and so he tries to get FOX to convince the rest of the sheeple out there that he’s being persecuted, and that Robert Mueller is the biggest plague since herpes. The second isn’t working, but the jury is still out on the first one.

Here’s why this is dangerous. We all know what Trumpelthinskin does, he tries to use something negative about him as an excuse to do something unethical or unconstitutional to “fix” the problem that will benefit him personally. He has already loudly and repeatedly publicly expressed the opinion that that the FBI and the Justice department should report directly to him, and that he should have control over who is investigated and prosecuted. He has already tried this, attempting to coerce James Comey to drop the investigation into flynn, and in publicly pressuring Jeff Sessions via Twitter and media pronouncements to open an investigation into Hillary Clinton. This is a direct violation of the way that the President is supposed to interact with the Justice Department, and the FBI. But you mark my words, taking personal, autocratic congrol over the operation of the Justice Department is exactly what he is going to try to do, after all, it works for Vlad, doesn’t it? And if we’re not vigilant, and loud, the sleazy little sod might just get away with it.

This cannot be allowed to happen for one very simple reason. If it does, it won’t stop when we finally bounce Der Gropinfuror out on his well padded ass. Pretty much every President in history has attempted to increase his power and authority of office, yet it is pretty much unheard of that a President would ever cede or vacate power that he already believes he has. If we let Trump get away with this, then it won’t just be him, every President who follows will have the potential to use or misuse that power. And do you really believe that it will stop there? The next thing will be a President who tries to tell the Judicial branch which rules of law it can use when considering cases where the President has a direct interest in the outcome. If we take the first step down that slippery slope, then we surely will end up as a banaba republic before we even know what hit us.

Welcoe to the democracy of Donald Trump. Yeah, he says and does a lot of funny shit, but there’s nothing funny about this. But it’s not like there’s anything really at stake here, just like our freedom, personal liberties and stuff. So, we better be vigilant, and scream like a pack of howler monkeys at the first sign. Or else.

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