Richard Engel: “Trump Sounded Delusional” When He Described Supporting Crowds That Were Not There.


As the truth adverse tangerine continues to prattle on about big supporting crowds that do not exist in any reality

NBC’s excellent foreign correspondent, who is pretty good at finding things that actually exist, reports the truth:

Engel also felt that that the ill fitted idiot’s statements were “deeply disturbing.”

Huffington Post:

“Engel, who has been covering the protesters, told NBC’s “Today” on Tuesday that as he listened to the president describe cheering crowds welcoming him in London, it sounded like he and Trump were in different cities.

“That sounded to be somewhat delusional,” Engel said. “Instead we’ve seen people quite boisterously expressing their opposition to President Trump. They say they don’t want him here and they’re upset the British government has rolled out the red carpet.”

During an appearance on Andrea Mitchell’s MSNBC show the same day, Engel elaborated on the “troubling” nature of Trump’s false claim.

“There’s something deeply disturbing about President Trump claiming that he saw ‘thousands of people’ here who were celebrating him and welcoming his arrival,” the journalist said. “There were thousands of people on the streets. They were protesting Trump, not celebrating his arrival.”

Here is video of Engel describing what really happened in London to NBC’s Chris Jansing:

Thank goodness we have fine reporters like Engel and Jansing to keep us apprised of the truth.

If all we had were the sycophants at the NY Times drumpf’s gas-lighting might have its intended effect.

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