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President Donald Trump fired out a flurry of tweets Wednesday morning, including retweets from a Trump fan account depicting Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller in jail for treason, and a tweet suggesting the special counsel is engaged in McCarthyism in his probe of potential Russian election interference.

While some observers suggested the behavior was just latest example of Trump actingunhinged,” journalist Mehdi Hasan argued that the president’s tweets should not be ignored, as they “are revealing and alarming.”

In one tweet, Trump denounced the group of migrants approaching the southern border, who have the legal right to seek asylum, as “criminal illegals.” He also attacked all immigrants more broadly and used what appears to be  a Canadian document to suggest that immigrants, who contribute to the economy, regardless of status, should have no right to federal assistance.

Hillary Clinton also continued to be a target of the president in the tweets. In addition to showing her among the group behind bars, Trump retweeted twice a recent video clip of an interview she had with Recode, in which the interviewer appeared to confuse Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) with former Attorney General Eric Holder.

The posts include four retweets from “The Trump Train,” which describes itself as a fan account and “the greatest political movement in history.” Its recent tweets include calling the Democratic Party “the party of abortions and pedophilia” and giving a plug for a “Great Christmas gift”—an “LGBT Merica Style” t-shirt, which says “Liberty, Guns, Beer, Trump.”

Here’s a look at some of Trump’s tweets and retweets from Wednesday:

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  1. Listen, I’m a huge fan of cognitive bias, and I have a YUUGE dislike for the Orange Man, but this article is horribly written.

    It’s as if you simply flung a bunch of screen-shots of various pro-Trump / Anti-Democrat tweets up against the wall, with an occasional, actual Trump tweet thrown in for good measure, to see what would stick.

    Your article makes a simple, fascinating claim–that Trump retweets insane crap every Wednesday morning–and you fail to support your claim! Instead, I see “The_Trump_Train” (not Trump) and some guy named Dan (also not Trump).

    You get a “C,” and I so wanted to see an “A.”


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