Republican state Rep. Jeanne Ives’ campaign produced the ad that has politicians in both parties decrying it as an outrage, to be run in her primary election challenge to Gov. Bruce Rauner. She is refusing to pull the spot, saying it exposes Rauner’s “betrayal” of GOP voters.


“There is no place in the Illinois Republican Party for rhetoric that attacks our fellow Illinoisans based on their race, gender or humanity,” Schneider said in a statement. “Representative Ives’ campaign ad does not reflect who we are as the Party of Lincoln and as proud residents of our great and diverse state. She should pull down the ad and immediately apologize to the Illinoisans who were negatively portrayed in a cowardly attempt to stoke political division.”

Republican Attorney General Candidate Erika Harold said the ad “denigrates, mocks and marginalizes groups of Illinoisans and cannot represent our Republican Party. I call on the Ives campaign to immediately take it off the air.”

To the contrary, the ad seems to perfectly embody the ethos of the Republican party circa 2018, the age of Trump. And, no matter how revolting the ad may be, it cannot compare to Trump’s actions on a daily basis.

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