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If you’ve watched this space, you have seen that the White House plans on releasing the Nunes Report Thursay, tomorrow. You have seen that Democrats on the Committee asked if Nunes coordinated with the White House in creating the memo and he did not deny coordination. We noted that Trump had asked Rod Rosenstein if he were on Trump’s team.

But, apparently a new low remained reachable. For sheer mendacity, hypocrisy, criminality, Nunes still had an out.

MSNBC reports that after the Republicans on the committee voted to release the memo as it exited, Nunes then took the memo and made material changes to it, changes not seen by the Republicans who voted upon the release and not seen by the Democrats opposing it.

Forget Mueller for a moment. Surely Nunes must have committed a crime in abuse of process. Fraud comes to mind, offering up one document for consideration to law makers who along party lines approve it, and then make “material” (not typos, but substantive changes to the memo, surely making it more adverse to the FBI) changes to it without offering the memo for a second vote.

One would think that, now having been made fools of, Republicans on the committee would be in an outrage. One would be wrong. As of now, news is not hitting the airwaves about a cry from Republicans on the committee having been duped.

On a night when I breathlessly reported critical developments arising every 15 minutes, this one stunned even me. The sheer cynicism, where I thought none left to be had, has left me feeling as naive as a four year old on Santa’s lap.

Tomorrow ought to be an interesting day. But, have no doubt, this is a fascist coup. Nunes does not want to spend the rest of his life in a federal prison. Either he feels he is so compromised by evidence in Mueller’s safe, and thus has nothing to lose, or he believes he is utterly protected by his boss, the man with whom he coordinated his memo. Either way, altering the memo in a substantive way after its already groundbreaking vote ranks right up there with erasing White House tapes in degree of brazen, lawlessness by those who believe they are above the law.

Hang on. It is about to get very dirty.

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