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Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin had the guts to stare the vile comments of a sitting pr*sident in the face and go on the record with them because they were simply too revealing to keep hidden from the American people. Republicans, on the other hand, have made a studied practice of whispering about Donald Trump’s mental lapses, overt bigotry, and overall unfitness for office behind closed doors, far far away from the public eye, where Americans might get a better picture of just who exactly is running our government. 

Now, faced with someone actually taking a principled stand for which he knew he would be vilified, Republicans are sending a message: You should have just kept your trap shut, like we do. Here’s the criticism of House Deputy Whip Patrick McHenry of North Carolina who tagged Durbin with negotiating a DACA fix in bad faith because he admitted what Trump said.

Sure, if only Durbin had shown the moral leadership of House Speaker Paul Ryan, who courageously called Trump’s “shithole” slur “unhelpful,” or what if he had the fortitude of the GOP lawmakers in the room who suddenly suffered amnesia about what Trump said.

Because that’s exactly the type of soulless cowardice that landed us in this sinkhole in the first place and it’s exactly what’s pushing our country toward the brink of a Constitutional crisis. 

But hey, when you’re forced to look in the mirror and it’s a pretty damn ugly reckoning, pointing the finger at someone else is the perfect way to reaffirm that you’re really as depraved as you thought. 

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